Case Studies
21's work in the international sports & entertainment industry is unparalleled.
Johnson & Johnson's Partnership of the 2014 FIFA World Cup™

In late 2010, Johnson and Johnson (J&J) contacted 21 looking for the next “big idea.” Despite successfully leveraging their Olympic engagement, yet deciding not to renew the partnership, J&J understood the unifying potential of a global property and sought to sponsor one that could enhance the perception of the signature J&J brand by driving sales across their three main business units.

21 went to work immediately partaking in a deep dive on the J&J brand, its business sectors and various companies, later conducting a search across national and global properties, seeking alignment with J&J. With unconventional thinking in mind, 21 examined numerous health-care related opportunities that could resonate for all of J&J’s brands. 21 analyzed and assessed all relevant opportunities and returned with recommendations on three ideas, ultimately settling on a single one.

While 21 was finalizing the recommendation, J&J’s senior management came back with renewed interest in FIFA and sponsoring global football. Immediately, 21 utilized its deep connections at the highest levels of FIFA, downloaded the opportunity to both the J&J and FIFA teams, and within three weeks, arranged a meeting for senior officials on both sides. 21 led the negotiating process and J&J signed on as a global sponsor of the 2014 FIFA World Cup™ in Brazil.

21 then counseled J&J on the complexities of global/international football and consulted on the structure and development of the J&J/FIFA project team. 21 provided the initial strategies for the company in relation to the property, including roles and responsibilities for the project team, the approvals process, marks usage, messaging and positioning, announcements, promotional concepts, key sponsor-to-sponsor introductions and relationship management to FIFA.