Case Studies
21's work in the international sports & entertainment industry is unparalleled.
Smithsonian Institution’s 150th Anniversary
21 created, designed and implemented the 150th Anniversary of the Smithsonian Institution Celebration during their anniversary year of 1996. This ambitious project was aimed at raising awareness for the Smithsonian, sharing the artifacts and stories outside the Beltway and gaining new donors and friends as well. The two-year program combined the largest traveling exhibition in history, a 100,000 ft2 show, with three Prime Time specials on CBS, Smithsonian Minutes featuring icons such as Hillary Clinton, Anthony Hopkins, Colin Powell, Whoopi Goldberg and even Robin Williams and a party in the Washington Mall that attracted over 1 million people. The entire celebration was free. Fully funded by four corporate partners, Intel, Discover Card, MCI and TWA, it attracted an aggregate live audience of over five million people and millions more via the media on CBS. The late Michael Heyman, the Secretary of the Smithsonian during the planning and execution of the Program, recently told Rob Prazmark that the Anniversary Celebration was the highlight of his time at the Smithsonian.